Звук Планеты Земля из космоса
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Этот звук не различим для человеческого уха. Он был записан в космосе при помощи специального оборудования.

Описание только на английском.

OK, first of all I had no idea this video was going to be this popular. Pretty exciting stuff. Anyways, there's alot of arguing on here about sound in space. Obviously sound needs a medium to pass through, to vibrate through so that it can carry the sound waves. Space has no air, and therefore cannot project sound in audible wave form. As it says in the description, these sounds are not from satellites zooming around the earth with a normal microphone. Sohpisticated instruments can detect the different sonic vibrations going on in the planet GENERALLY. So what you are hearing is not what it would be like if you just stuck an ear out the window of a space ship. First of all you would probably either die or go deaf in that ear for the rest of your life because of the pressure of the vaccum. What the remote sensors on the sattellite are doing is analyzing different radio frequencies coming off the surface of the earth and converting it into audible soundwaves for you and I to hear. So you're not hearing whales, you're not hearing cars or even wind. You're merely hearing the general frequencies of the Earth in an audible format.

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